How It Works


  • (Pre-Auction Records) Browse through properties headed to auction on (Direct Link to Records List)
  • (Post-Auction Records) Browse through properties that already sold and have surplus onĀ (Direct Link to Surplus List Repository)
    (You must be a subscriber to view records on their websites)
  • Export or Obtain the records on an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Delete any record you do not want skip traced
  • Fill out the order form along with your payment method on their website.
    Here is the direct link to the Skip Trace order form
    (Be sure to attach your Excel Spreadsheet)

We spend approximately 20-30 minutes per record

What We Do

Skip Trace: We use our special software and skip trace skills to locate phone numbers, emails, voter records, other property ownership/addresses, social media accounts, etc

Please note, you are paying for the service of us skip tracing possible phone numbers/emails, etc and not for the results of any contact attempt you make. This is why our ‘per-record’ cost is so low. As long as we locate a phone number, email or social media account, you are charged $3

All results are pulled together and email Specialized Skip Trace Reports