About Our Services

Tax Deed Auctions in Florida Counties

We deal with the properties that are headed to a Tax Deed Auction in Florida (Pre-Auction) and the properties that already went through the auction and may have surplus for the previous property owner (Post-Auction)

Lenders, Wholesalers and Investors have an interest in pre-auction records, to offer property tax loans and/or purchase the property before the auction and flip it.

Asset Recovery Specialists have an interest in post-auction records, to gain clients and assist them in claiming the surplus money due to them.

What We Do For You

We track the tax deed auctions in Florida and have the property records way in advance.

You can browse and choose which records interest you and place an order for us to skip trace the property owner.

This is NOT an automated service

We target property owners who are about to lose their home in a tax deed auction. At the point our records are online, the auction has been scheduled, the owners are desperate and needing options. We seek out all possible contact information on the property owner and send you a report you can use to locate and contact them.